Tuesday, 29 July 2014

A note about Attendance...

Dear all, 

kindly take note of the following message from the Head of CCA.

Absence from CCA

a) Please be reminded that CCA attendance is compulsory. It is not acceptable that students are absent from CCA without valid reasons. For such cases, discipline actions must be taken for each and every absence. A record of the absences without valid reason will be kept and discipline actions will be taken. For repeated absence of 3 or more in a year, offenders will be referred to the discipline team.

b) In the event of absence from CCA, please submit MCs (no limit) or Parents' Letter (max 2 per term). Parents will be called up for a meeting with the CCA teachers/ CCA HoD if there are problems with resolving the absenteeism situation.

c) Late-coming cases will be regarded as as discipline cases as well. The ethos and discipline in the CCA is vital to the Character Development aspect of the CCA programme.


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