Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Urgent message - for Investiture (on 4 Apr, Friday)

Dear Scouts,
Below is a rather long message that I want all to take note and follow up with action, please.

I will be getting the epaulettes and the pants for you who don't have them, by tomorrow.
Will pass the items to you by Friday morning.

For all of us, please get ready your uniform for this Friday's investiture. It's your big day.

The things you will need to have/ get ready on Friday:

1) Black shoes, no colored trimmings or fanciful designs
2) Black socks
3) Navy blue pants/ skirt
4) Scout belt
5) Shirt with district (Clementi) badge ironed/sewed on
6) 2 Epaulettes (shoulder)
7) Scarf with Woggle
8) Beret with Badge and Badge backing
9) Haircut for the boys (if your hair is not short)
10) Trimmed nails
11) Clean shaven - moustach/ stubs (for boys)

Additional Notes:

• please 'season' your beret so that it doesn't go out of shape during investiture, else you will look more like a chef than a scout

• put your uniform in those jacket bags and bring them all to school on Friday... make sure you run through ALL your items using the checklist so that you will not miss out anything... remember to wear black shoes to school on that day.

• this Friday's investiture will be at around 3pm at ISH area. Report for CCA at usual time (2.30pm) or even earlier, so that you can get ready for the ceremony

• bring along your Scout Record Book (green book) with all personal details filled on the first page on Friday

• bring along Job Week Card and $ and return them to me on Friday (if you have not done so)

• all boys to bring along $8.10 and all girls to bring along $1.10 on this Friday, for the payment for your remaining $ amount for your uniform, after deducting the $40 UG grant from MOE.

• those involved in Bowling Challenge on this Friday, please also bring along registration $ on Friday ($22 per pax for team event; $14 for individual event) if you have not given me yet

• those who has not submitted their pants size please submit to me by Thursday. Take the size of your School Pants.

Sorry for the long list of messages, but I believe they are essential and serve as timely reminders. Some of us are meeting at earlier time before 2.30pm to help to tie the flag poles, pitching on the grass patch, etc. if you could join us earlier on this Friday to help out, please do so. Meet at ISH.

See you on this Friday! More info on uniform (pictures) will be posted up onto the scout blog.

Be Prepared!


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